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We are sensitive to the concerns you may have related to privacy when using a service offered over the Internet, including the security of scientific data and intellectual property, the security of your credit card details, and your own personal and professional privacy. We therefore operate the following assurance policies:

  1. We do not divulge any personal or work-related details of our clients to any third party, so that no one else will know that you have used our service.

  2. We do not employ freelance editors, which means that we can guarantee that the contents of your document will not be disclosed to any third party.

  3. Our editors are no longer active researchers, which means that they have no personal interest in your scientific data or intellectual property.

  4. All of the drives on our computers are fully encrypted, so even if they were to be stolen it would not be possible for the perpetrators to access any of the information on them, including the documents you have sent us, the edited versions of your documents, your contact details, or any of the correspondence we have had with you. Document transfers can also be encrypted if required.

  5. Our computers are monitored continuously for viruses, and are protected from the Internet by both hardware and software firewalls.

  6. If you pay by credit card, your credit card details are entered on a webpage hosted (via an SSL-encrypted link) by a company that processes credit card payments for all the major banks in Australasia. This means that we do not see your credit card details.