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The editors who work on your documents possess the following qualifications and experience:

  1. They are native English speakers with PhDs in science or engineering from long-established universities of international standing.

  2. They have performed grant-funded scientific research in both academic (university) and clinical (hospital) environments, mainly in the UK but also in Europe.

  3. They have run their own research groups at UK universities, whilst employed as permanent (tenured) academic staff members.

  4. They have acted as referees for a dozen different peer-reviewed journals, including the top multidisciplinary journal Nature, and for research proposals submitted to government and private funding bodies in the UK and the USA.

  5. Their own scientific research has appeared in dozens of different specialist and multidisciplinary journals and books.

  6. They have language and copy edited tens of thousands of scientific documents written by other scientists, clinicians, and engineers.