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We offer volume discounts to clients who use our service on a regular basis. The percentage discount is calculated on a linear sliding scale based on the amount of work you have sent us within the previous 6 months (the cumulative history), as follows:

  1. You are eligible for a discount if the cumulative history exceeds NZ$ 1000.

  2. The maximum discount of 10% applies if the cumulative history exceeds NZ$ 7000.

  3. For cumulative histories between NZ$ 1000 and NZ$ 7000, the percentage discount is calculated on a linear sliding scale.

  4. The value of the current job is included in the calculation of the cumulative history.

  5. The same percentage discount applies irrespective of the turnaround you choose.

  6. The cost reduction has no affect on the amount of time we spend editing your document (i.e., the quality of editing is unchanged).

  7. The cutoffs (i.e., NZ$ 1000 and NZ$ 7000) and maximum percentage discount (i.e., 10%) are subject to change (this page will always show the current values).

To determine the amount of discount you are eligible for, please enter the value of your previous jobs (sent within the previous 6 months) and the nondiscounted cost of your current job in the following boxes, then press "Calculate":

Value of previous jobs (NZ$):
Value of current job (NZ$):
Discounted job cost (NZ$):

For example, if you have sent us NZ$ 5380 worth of work within the previous 6 months, and you are currently submitting a job worth NZ$ 540, the cost of this job would be discounted by 8.2% [i.e., 10 × (540 + 5380 − 1000)/(7000 − 1000)].